DARChorse: Drug and Alcohol Recovery Counselling and Family Systemic Constellation Workshops | Fees


As a retiree, I do not do this work for a living, and do not need to charge anything like a psychologist’s rate. Also, as I do not have a provider number, there is no Medicare or private insurance rebate.

However, I believe that people do not value that which they do not pay for, so if it is possible for the client to make a payment, I believe they should.

A rate will be negotiated individually with regard to ability to pay and what the client thinks the work is worth. As a guide, I like people to pay at least $20 if they can, but will not accept more than $80. I find most settle for something in between.

Sessions are flexible in length – I don’t like to say “time’s up” if in the middle of an interesting and worthwhile discussion, so I don’t schedule appointments less than two hours apart. On the other hand, if there is nothing more to do in a given session, it might end after half an hour.